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Children Toys Hooks Coat Rack From a Pallet Plank

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 4h

  • $9

Divert the toys of your children to make a coat rack at their height and arrange the entrance to promote their autonomy. This is the reason why the plastic ducks left the bathroom and are now fixed on a blue plotted board roses. It's enough that everything is installed at the height of the kids. They can then remove and hang alone their coats, scarves, hats, and bags. This coat rack with decorative hooks in the shape of multicolored ducks will find a place at the entrance but you can also place it in the room of your kids.

Step-by-step instructions to build this children toys hooks coat rack

This toys hooks coat rack was made out of a single pallet plank, paint, varnish, screwed plastic ducks and wall ties on the back. Once done & fixed on a wall, it only remains to suspend vests, scarves, and coats.

  1. First, I met some colorful ducks who wanted to get out of the bathroom. :)
  2. I had in my workshop a simple pallet board that only needed to be useful.
  3. I sanded the pallet plank, painted it in blue, decorated it with pink polka dots and varnished it.
  4. I drilled and screwed two wall clips on the back.
  5. I then placed my 6 ducks in front of the board and measured their spacing and make marks to center them well in height.
  6. Then, I glued them with wood glue and waited until the next day for the glue to dry.
  7. I then have on the back of the board, drilled and screwed each duck, keeping them in place and holding them.
  8. I was able to hang my vest to my new hook duck and it works great!
  9. I did the test: the ducks with their beaks hold the hooked clothes very well!

Dimensions of the coat rack: 80 X 12 X 2 cm


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Bio: J'aime détourner les objets de leur fonction première et que par magie, ils deviennent un nouvel o... read more

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