Pallet ProjectsBee-utiful Pallet/Bee Box Frame Spice Rack

Bee-utiful Pallet/Bee Box Frame Spice Rack

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My son loves to marinate steaks and has a lot of spices, so I made him this Pallet/Bee Box Frame Spice Rack. I made this spice rack from used pallets and some old bee box frames I found at a friend’s farm. The frames still have old honey on them, and bugs bore into the wood to make interesting textures on the wood surfaces.

My Pallet/Bee Box Frame Spice Rack – a fast and fun build:

Start with a few pallet deck boards and mount them together to form the spice rack’s back wall. You can glue them, or mount them to boards on the back. Next, trim more deck boards to the width of the back wall for your shelves. How many you cut will be determined by the size of your spice rack. Install them with fasteners through the back of the piece. Trim the shelves out with a decorative edging – in this case, bug-bored upcycled bee hive boxes. Next, sand as smooth or leave as rustic as you like. Remove the dust and apply a UV-resistant Spar Varnish if installing outside near your BBQ, or use an indoor varnish (which costs less).

Pallet/Bee Box Frame Spice Rack – Some fun options!

This was the way I made my Pallet/Bee Box Frame Spice Rack. Of course, have fun and make it fit your family’s needs. Make it bigger or smaller; paint it. Wax it. Do decorative edging or create more shelves to suit your needs. You could even have fun with using a chain to hang it outside like a picture frame for when your family is grilling if this is an outdoor piece. You can make it narrow to hang on the inside of a cabinet door as a convenient space-saving device too! The possibilities are just about endless. Design it to fit YOUR needs and have fun!

Bee-utiful Pallet/Bee Box Frame Spice Rack Pallet Projects Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers
Bee-utiful Pallet/Bee Box Frame Spice Rack Pallet Projects Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers

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