Pallet Bedroom Set

  • 9 pallets

  • medium

  • 35h

  • free

Need bedroom furniture but are on a budget? No problem! Look at this Pallet Bedroom Set - made from 9 pallets!

Pallet Bedroom Set Learning Curve:

At first, I was very frustrated. I didn't know anything about working with pallets. I was trying to separate them with a hammer and breaking the deck boards. Then when I tried to work with the boards, I'd try to install a screw, and it split. The boards were hard and stiff; difficult to work with. I had to learn a few tricks, like pre-drilling before installing fasteners. I learned to use a reciprocating saw to separate the pallets easily. I learned that it takes a bit of patience! I cannot emphasize enough how much better a reciprocating saw makes things. If you don't have one; get one!

Assembling the Pallet Bedroom Set:

First, my Pallet Bedroom Set made entirely out of pallets. I made a bed frame, a headboard, a three-tiered side table, a small wall shelf for my electronics, and a window valance. I built the bed frame with mostly intact pallets; attaching them together and using partial pallets as the legs. I made the frame a bit longer and created an end bench, and fitted it with close-set deck boards. The headboard is straightforward to keep the labor time down, but it still looks dramatic because I made it much taller. I installed deck boards to keep the gaps consistent.

I wanted the sideboard to have some style, so I used some of the stringer boards as the upright supports. I built three different shelves - just three different box shapes with the center tier being more rectangular for more storage. I closely fit the deck boards on each tier top so that my belongings don't go rolling through big pallet gaps.

I made the wall-mounted electronics shelves are just deck boards that I built into a little square and mounted to the wall. Easy and convenient, as well as keeping my electronics neat and tidy.

The final piece was a pallet balance. Again - straightforward, but I think it looks great against the blue walls, and it blocks a lot of light, so if you need to nap during the day, you could!

I'm pleased with this Pallet Bedroom Set. It was definitely budget-friendly. The light tones of the sanded wood look nice against the bold wall color and flooring. It's strong and durable. If I get tired of the way it looks, I can stain, paint, or otherwise finish it. This project was worth the almost week it took to build it.

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Garrett Wages

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Vanette King

I have been sleeping on a pallet bed for over a year now

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