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by Mike Gaines

Adirondack Pallet Chairs

Was asked to build some Adirondack chairs for my mom’s back porch. Saw this basic design on and tweaked, finagled, and personalized it to use with pallets. This is my second design from pallets, much easier that #1- a bar height table (still in finishing).

The chair is basic ‘Adirondack‘ styling. Very comfortable front seat height of 15 1/2 inches. I have short legs, and Adirondacks are usually a bit too tall for my taste. Will build a footstool/longer to match, used together this will form a chaise lounger for mom’s afternoons in the CO mountain air. More designs and posts forthcoming here and on my developing website

Adirondack Pallet Chairs Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools

Adirondack Pallet Chairs Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools


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Do you have the dementions for this chair?
Thank you

Tyrone Hayes
Tyrone Hayes

What’s the plans for this chair

Fiona Crosswell

Sally Brooks

Graciela Montenegro


Charles Payne

How can I get the plans to make this chair?

Fin Ellershaw

Ok Wallis
I’ll just have to find another pallet discarded in a hedge

Wallis Newitt

Fin Ellershaw make this instead of a table :’)

Ibrahim Sneny
Ibrahim Sneny


Josiane Turro

c sympa

Jo-Anne Caron

Jean fait dire que c’est beau !

Jo-Anne Caron

Pascale en veut une !! elle est bien belle !

Annie Cadoret

Jo-Anne Caron tu montreras ça à mon frère elle est fait avec des palettes


Q mona

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