Pallet Home Décor Ideas10 Pallet Holiday Decor Ideas You Created!

10 Pallet Holiday Decor Ideas You Created!

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‘Tis the season as the expression goes, and it’s time to start decorating! We present ten great Pallet Holiday Decor Ideas you created. Upcycle pallets and other materials for unique holiday ideas that you can make! Here are 10 Pallet Holiday Decor Ideas that you made!

Reindeer Advent Calendar

This adorable reindeer is an advent calendar sure to get lots of attention!

Bring a bit of the holiday fun to your office with these cheery reindeer!

With the amount of time spent at work, why not bring a bit of the holiday cheer with you? Make a desktop decoration with upcycled items!

Pallet Nativity Scene Wall Art

Use up those pallet remnants and create a beautiful nativity scene for indoors or out!

Pallet Snowmen make adorable yard art

Bring the snow, or snowmen, to your yard! Not everyone is lucky enough to have a white Christmas, but these cheery little fellows will make you forget about the snow!

10 Pallet Holiday Decor Ideas You Created! Pallet Home Décor Ideas
Pallet Snowmen

Pallet Hot Cocoa & Christmas Tree Stand

Selling Christmas tree and hot cocoa is a snap with this cute kid’s sales booth!

Mini Pallet Towns starting with this Pallet Church

Some people buy miniature holiday towns, while others build projects like this pallet church.

You’ll get Starry-Eyed!

Don’t pay exorbitant prices for pre-made holiday decorations! Make your own like this big pallet star for your outdoor decor.

Magical Mini Pallet Doors

Create magic for your kids and grandkids with these precious little holiday doors.

10 Pallet Holiday Decor Ideas You Created! Pallet Home Décor Ideas
Magical Mini Pallet Doors

Make a Corner Pallet Tree for smaller spaces!

Cat-resistant and space-saving, this holiday tree built to fit in a small corner are perfect for small homes!

Capture the Lightning!

This glow-in-the-dark lightning holiday tree is stunning!

Need pallets for your next holiday decoration? Check where to find pallets for sale. Need more ideas? Check these ten easy upcycled holiday decor ideas you and your family can make!

Keep those holiday decorating ideas coming, and all of us at wish you all a joyous and safe holiday season!

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