DIY Project: Sandpit Made Out of Pallets


If you have kids and a large backyard this is project is perfect for you and we know the kids will absolutely love it! It is a self contained sandpit with a lid that doubles as seats when opened.

++ Here for the pattern sheet

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  1. Debbie says

    suggestion- make a few extra benches and use them to cover the whole sand box when the kids are not using it- it will keep all the neighborhood kitties out of it- You do not want them to come in and use it as a giant litter box.

  2. sacha says

    What happens when the weed mat gets holes in a couple of years and the sand starts escaping? Better to have it in the ground IMO.

  3. Jai Huff says

    These type of things just amaze me. I have worked with many pallets and all I have to say is… They must have gotten some really good ones somehow.

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