Palllet Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island made out of Pallet Wood !


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About Neokentin

Co-founder of 1001Pallets & Pallets lover! :)


  1. Jean Marc Lavoie says

    Great, looks cool, but pallets are reused over and over, you would have to buy them in order to get some in decent shape. And, in most places, it is illegal to take then from the back of businesses.

  2. Laurence Lecuyer via Facebook says

    A mon avis, le bois n’est pas traité, juste la couleur vieillie des lattes de palettes…de l’huile de lin ou un vernis sur quelques planches peut aussi donner ce résultat !

  3. suzie jones says

    Hello. We are currently remodeling parents 92 year old farmhouse and have been looking for the perfect island. This is the one. It’s amazing. Is there anyway to get the plans on how to build my own? It would be perfect :-)

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