Pallet FurnitureWorkshop Tools Pallet Rack


by Kev Barefoot

Workshop Tools Pallet Rack

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

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A simple Tool Rack made from a single recycled Pallets.

Workshop Tools Pallet Rack Pallet Furniture

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Sue Borg

I love your net work on pelletts

Kev Barefoot Fletcher via Facebook
Kev Barefoot Fletcher via Facebook

Cant believe how many people ‘like’ my creation. I’m so pleased that it helps to inspire other people to become artistic with pallets as I have gained so much fun and creativity through Thanks again guys/girls, you all inspire me to come up with new ideas in the future :)

David Lee Bfc via Facebook

I like it, will share guys. D

Kev Barefoot
Kev Barefoot

Thanks David, much appreciated :)

Deslie Gilson via Facebook

Thank you for posting this, you have given me the ideas I need to sort our garage out!

Kev Barefoot
Kev Barefoot

Hey, no problem! I’m pleased to be able to give something back to this lovely community. I get so much inspiration from this website and must say it’s the best ive come across so far!!

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