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Easy One Pallet Shelf / Étagère Réalisée Avec Une Seule Palette

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With only one Euro Pallet, I made this Easy Pallet Shelf in under two hours! With no experience in carpentry, it is an excellent start for the beginner (like me). The tools I used: a saw, angle grinder and sander.

Easy Pallet Shelf:

First, find a pallet with blocks. Next, cut one end off, and remove any lower deck boards. You may find a pallet that only needs the shelf board added, and the rest is already there for you. Next, install the shelf board if not already present. Then, use a grinder to shape the cut ends of the deck board any way you like. I liked a rustic look and feel, so I got creative. Then, I used a sander to smooth down everything the way I wanted but still kept the Euro/EPAL stamping present. I applied a stain and then coated it with a polyurethane varnish to seal it.

Then, all that was left was to install it on the wall and enjoy my pallet creation.

Avec seulement 1 palette de type Europe, j’ai réalisé cette petite étagère en moins de 2h. N’ayant aucune expérience dans la menuiserie, c’est un très bon début pour des début (comme moi)

Outils utilisés : scie, disqueuse, ponceuse manuelle, Lasure (teinte marron).

Easy One Pallet Shelf / Étagère Réalisée Avec Une Seule Palette Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers

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Jenny Rose
Jenny Rose

WOOOW WOOOW WOWZERS…Now…just as soon as I figure out WTH a euro pallet is…I’m SOOO gonna go ALL SORTSA BOB THE BUILDER on’em… ErrrUmmm…or maybe Bobby errrorr Bobbette? Hmmm orrr maYYYbEE even… Bobbyette? what ever the case …this is AWWWESOME!!!

Reply to  Jenny Rose

Hi Jenny – You may want to see our page on Pallet Sizes here: it’ll explain the “typical” sizes of pallets used in different countries. It’ll clear up the mystery of a Euro pallet quickly. Happy Palleting! – HS

Kevin Lauret


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