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Weather Resistant House for Your Furry Buddy

Dogs are a man’s best friend. It would be unfair to your little friend if he doesn’t have a house of his own. My dog used to live inside my house, resting all day on my mission leather recliners until just a month back when I realized he was more interested in staying out in the open. So, I thought why don’t I make him a home in my backyard? Here’s what I did. Oh and yes, my dog helped too.

Weather Resistant House for Your Furry Buddy Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies

Image source: dogsaholic

Things I used:

  • Wood Pallets
  • Wood Strips for the Posts
  • Weatherproofed nails
  • Hinges
  • Stain and Sealant
  • Paint, Paint Brushes – All the artistic stuff you could gather

What did I do?

I looked up in my garage and found a stack of wood pallets I had disposed of. They were in a pretty good shape, so my doggy and I took the wood pallets to the backyard. Then I grabbed some necessary tools and materials. I extracted the best wood pallets and discarded the rest.

Weather Resistant House for Your Furry Buddy Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies

I started off by taking a wood pallet and filling up the holes in the wood to give it a flawless finish. This wood pallet was going to serve as the floor of my pal’s new house.

Then I grabbed other pallets and filled the missing wood in them too. I used them to create the walls of the dog house. I nailed the walls to the base of the dog house and then came the roof.  I used the pieces of wood pallets to make the roof. You can also go for wood panels if you like. Using 2x4 sheets of plywood to patch up the roof is also a very good idea.

Weather Resistant House for Your Furry Buddy Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies

If you are going for wood panels for the roof, here’s what you could do. Attach the roof using hinges at the backside of the roof instead of using nail screws.

Another idea is to use lift hinges to connect other sides of the roof to the walls. This will ensure an easy cleaning of your furry friend’s house. Just make sure you are making a slanting roof for your canine’s house. I used some tiles to seal the roof. This not only added to the beauty of the dog house but also made it weather resistant. You can also add a layer of chicken wire on top and some water barrier.

I used weatherproofed nails to secure the build, but you can go for galvanized screws too, whatever suits your needs best.

I used stain and sealant to make the walls waterproof and weather resistant. This is entirely up to you; you can use gloss paint to beautify your dog’s house. I would recommend something that complements the surroundings. For instance, if you like the dog house to be placed in the yard, you can leave it as it is to give it a closer to nature feel. Or you can paint it with your favorite color and hang a name plate outside with your dog’s name on it. I painted a cute little bone just below the roof. My buddy loves bones!

Weather Resistant House for Your Furry Buddy Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies

Image source: dogsaholic

The whole DIY project took me and my doggy just a day and a half to complete. The results were amazing! Being a member of Society6, I buy my art print collection from there. This aided me a lot in designing my dog’s house.

Bio: Engineer, Co-founding partner of 1001Pallets. I earned my Engineer degree in Aeronautics & spatial t... read more

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Andre Damrill
Andre Damrill

great dog houses. love the workmanship.

Hanna Sanders

cats too

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