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Two Pallet Storage Chests From Ten Pallets!

  • 10 pallets

  • easy

  • 18h

  • $30

Do you need more storage or just a way to get organized? This man has two great looking examples of Pallet Storage Chests that may inspire you! Complete these pallet projects in just three days!

Pallet Storage Chests: The Tall Dark & Handsome Chest:

This pallet chest design is straightforward. Cut deck boards to the length desired for the legs. Cut deck boards to the width desired for the front and back walls. Next, place them with the right sides down and you can biscuit and/or glue them side-by-side to add rigidity. Then, place three of the leg boards over the panel you created - one on each end and the third in the center. Secure with screws. Repeat this with the side panels. After the glue has set, butt-join the sides together and secure with screws. Install the bottom boards and brace them accordingly. Make a similar lid the way the walls were built.  Ensure that the battens (cross-pieces) are cut short enough to fit within the box. Add lift hinges and a handle (optional). Trim the front of the lid for a finished look.

Pallet Storage Chests: The Blonde Bombshell Chest:

Cut four pallet stringers with the forklift arches to the width and depth you desire. You can butt-join or miter the corners as you desire. Next, cut 1" thick (or thicker) deck boards to the length and width you want, lay flat and use biscuits and/or glue to secure them side-by-side. Create the four walls, Clamp and allow to dry. Install the four walls together by butt-joining them. Install a 1x2" trim board around the top of the chest, mitering the corners and secure with screws. Mount the box to the stringer support frame and add the wheels.

Pallet Storage Chests -  The Lid:

Cut more boards to the width of your box for the lid, and again, use biscuits and/or glue to secure side-by-side. Clamp and allow to dry. Install two battens to support across the center of the lid, and add trim boards, mitering the corners. Paint, stain, and seal as you desire, and let dry. Add a handle and the support hinges, and then fill it up with toys!

Pallet Storage Chests - Free plans if you need them:

These are two great-looking chests! For ideas about how to build a chest of your own, you can go to Black & Decker's website where they have free plans available. These chests could be used as hope chests, linen/blanket storage chests (like them with cedar!), or tool totes, etc. You can make them whatever you need them to be!

Two Pallet Storage Chests From Ten Pallets! Pallet Boxes & Chests

Two Pallet Storage Chests From Ten Pallets! Pallet Boxes & Chests

Two Pallet Storage Chests From Ten Pallets! Pallet Boxes & Chests

Terrific work - and we look forward to more submissions from you! For more inspiration, check out this Project!



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Mike Stephens
Mike Stephens

seriously 10 pallets….very creative

Eva Lauren

Wow major storage.

Jean Foley

They are lovely, but weigh a ton!

Rebecca Lambert Biggs

Those are fabulous!


Those are fly!


We agree!

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