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by Lopez Alexandrine

Tv Stand From Wooden Pallets

  • 6 pallets

  • easy

  • n/a

  • n/a

TV stand made with 6 pallets, 1,5 liters of black paint and some screws.

Tv Stand From Wooden Pallets Pallet TV Stands & Racks

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Alena L. Compain

Joe Leqa Nina B Solomona…TV stand :-)

Lourdes Calatrava
Lourdes Calatrava

Carlos Andres Gonzalez Evora esto es lo que te digo!

Henriette Paraveman
Henriette Paraveman

Pas mal ;-)

Gisèle Zonon
Gisèle Zonon

Henriette Paraveman. Trop Cool l’idée !! ;D

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