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Tiny Off Grid Cabin Made from Pallets & Reclaimed Lumber

This cabin is mostly made from pallets and reclaimed lumber from dumpsters and local landfill. I started this cabin on November 7th of 2014. I have enjoyed building without any plans. I just use the material that I had and figure it out as I go.

I have bought the 4x4's that supports the frame of the cabin. They are concreted into the ground. I purchased the treated 2x4's that make up the structure of the roof and floor, and I bought Advantech sheets (4x8 Sheets) for the flooring. The rest is pallet wood and reclaimed lumber. I got a great deal on the metal for the roof; a local hardware store was going out of business, and I bought all they had. I used it all on this project. My three dogs and I have built every piece of it. We've done it all.

The cabin is 12'ft x 12'ft, and I squared it up by laying like pallets on the ground and then I just dug holes for the 4x4's beside the pallets as they were on the ground. I set the 4x4's in concrete, and then I let the concrete cure for a few days and on November 9th of 2014, I laid the first pallets for the frame. The framing is made of larger than normal pallets, 8' to 10' ft in length and about four ft wide. I got all the framing pallets from the landfill. The pallets are set on concrete blocks that were leveled. I attached the pallets to the 4x4's, and I attached the pallets together using 2x4's.

Once I got the frame up I then started using old decking wood as the siding I got from a friend that replaced his deck around his pool. Once the siding was on, I added the roof. I got the window on the front of a friend that recently replaced their windows on their house. The front porch is one big pallet from Lowes. It's made up of landscape timber on the bottom and 2x4. I used reclaimed lumber I had to put on top of the pallet. It turned out just right to set a rocking chair on.

Then I added the frame on the floor and put the Advantech sheets on top of the frame of the floor. I then started on the lean 2 I added. I once again purchased the 4x4's and set them in concrete. The frame for the roof on the lean 2 come from a large pallet from Lowes' and the local landfill. I added a large pallet for the back wall under the lean 2. Just something to block the wind because this is where I'm going to be BBQ'n.

I then added the front door, and the door, believe it or not, was found in a dumpster. It was an awesome find. This is where I'm at. This weekend (Feb 14) I am taking some broken down pallet wood to get planed to the same thickness to install on top of the Advantech sheets. It's mostly red oak and should make a beautiful hardwood floor. Then I will be insulating the walls/ceiling, adding a wood stove, pallet furniture, etc...

So, I hope you check out my Facebook page to keep up with the updates.



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M sauve
M sauve

Nice cabin I’m starting to build mine this summer got my idea after seeing yours I’ll have 2 bucks in mine wood stove keep me warm next winter gets cold here in January I’m in canada

Sheriss Nilson
Sheriss Nilson

LOVE THIS! Congrats on the successful project!

Cissy Sizemore

Nice for a compound

Matteo Moreau

Amaury Limelette

Tommy Moore

Kalah Harford we can do this!

Heather Stiletto

<3 IT!


You are so fun……And nice Job

David Newlands

The house that CHEP built !!!

Barbara Saies

my house!

Yvonnick Cormerais

on va faire sa !!! c est super kline… garde les photo !!

Benjamin Frampton

Buckingham pallets!!!

Shannon Strachan-Castillo

Dennis Kommer—Made with Pallets!

Lucy ODell Willis

I’m building me a house… lol !


Love what you have done. Getting back to basics is one of my passions. What you have accomplished is so good for yourself and the environment. I love your homestead! And you helpers too! Just love your dogs, I have 5 helpers and 15 spectators. The video and song was spot on and I am looking forward to seeing your updated version. Thank you so much for sharing this and proving to people that simple is good and we need to learn how to get back to the basics because our economy is looking pretty bleak. Also nice cast iron… Read more »

Coral Winkworth
Coral Winkworth

I love this tiny cabin. I wish I knew how to use a hammer, nails, etc. I would take the challenge to build something like this, especially if I could live off the grid. Congratulations on your new home with your beautiful dogs. Great job and I love the fire pit. Thanks for sharing.


I built something similar about the same size. Used pallets, reclaimed packing foam for insulation, reclaimed patio blocks, garage sale windows, wood stove. metal roof,rain water collection Been living in it for almost two years. Total cost @ 1200…$750 for the metal roof. Built by myself out in the woods WITHOUT power tools, save for the cordless drill / screwdriver. solar is next. It takes determination, but totally rewarding.


so agree with you


I <3 it! You rock, dude! I also like that you just made things work – no plans. Nice job!!! :-D


Simple is good. I liked what I watched..thanks for sharing

Jenny Hardy
Jenny Hardy

that is so nice, watch the video. I want a home like this to live in one day soon

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