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Tin-topped Pallet Kindling Box

  • 6 pallets

  • medium

  • 10h

  • $15

I assembled our new Tin-Topped Pallet Kindling Box using new 2x4" boards for the frame. These were the only boards we had to purchase for the project. The dimensions are 40" high, 24" wide and 36"tall. If I had to do it over, I would have made it a little shorter, but I was working off dimensions from my husband, so it is a bit tall! I used pallet wood because weathered wood is hard to find anywhere else!

Build an attractive and practical storage bin: A Tin-Topped Pallet Kindling Box!

First, I built the frame and assembled it with screws. Then I had to start disassembling the pallets. I began by trying to pry the boards up but then quickly decided to cut the outside of the boards with a circular saw and then pry up the middle. It saves a lot of time to do this, and you would likely cut off the ends anyway. I sanded all the boards and then started to match them up for each side. Once I had the boards picked out, I attached them to the frame with a finish nailer and a pneumatic nail gun so I could hide the nails. I coated the whole thing in one coat of Penofin Clear Penetrating Oil Finish because I wanted to protect it and bring out the colors in the wood. Finally, I made a hinged top with leftover corrugated metal, attached to a 1 x 2" frame. It is a beautiful way to hide firewood, and the colors in the pallet wood are remarkable!

Tin-topped Pallet Kindling Box Pallet Boxes & Chests
The upcycle tin top is lightweight and easy to prop open when filling or removing kindling.
Tin-topped Pallet Kindling Box Pallet Boxes & Chests
I used L-brackets and reinforced the butt-joints for the upper and lower frames.
Tin-topped Pallet Kindling Box Pallet Boxes & Chests
2x4" boards create the remainder of the structure.
Tin-topped Pallet Kindling Box Pallet Boxes & Chests
I covered the box with pallet deck boards after removing them from the pallets and sanding smooth.
Tin-topped Pallet Kindling Box Pallet Boxes & Chests
Seal your project with penetrating oil.
Tin-topped Pallet Kindling Box Pallet Boxes & Chests
The lightweight lid is easy to prop open for filling or grabbing some kindling.

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Susan B
Susan B

I don’t need a kindling box, but I think this would be perfect to hide my trash can. I love the tin top. My roof is blue metal. Perhaps I can find a scrap of roofing metal to use for my top.

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