Fun Pallet Crafts for KidsPallet Timber Toys

Pallet Timber Toys

Looking at all the ply board that comes in with our pallets each week I was itching to reuse them and stop as least some just going to waste. Work was happy to let me take some sheets home to play with.

I already had the idea in my head to make some small wooden toys, so sourcing free timber was fantastic!

Using a bandsaw, I cut long strips to make it more manageable and then traced my designs on before cutting them out with a scroll saw. A bit of sanding. Few dabs of paint and the addition of some embroidery thread and there you have it.

My own little timber herd :-)

Pallet Timber Toys Fun Pallet Crafts for Kids
Pallet Timber Toys Fun Pallet Crafts for Kids

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Jodie Lee

Leanne how sweet are these?!

Leanne Callow-Steer
Reply to  Jodie Lee

You ought to get Lil onto these.. That’s after she’s made her bed..

Steven Shepherd

Paddy Morrow

Laura Claxton

Charles Claxton

I like this a lot!!

Kerry Lee

love these!

Selena K. Wilson


Kristine Smith

I love these horses. Is it possible to get the pattern for them please.

Pat Hubley

Lovely. ♥


I agree! I would love a pattern for these adorable horses. I have a granddaughter that
would be crazy about them. Thanks for sharing this wonderful project.


Did you glue the legs and hair on?


These are beautiful! I am going to see if my fiancé will make one for our son!
Ps. a group of horses is called a band…. Sorry, that was bothering me lol.


Would you be willing to share your design or patterns? My kids would love these!

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