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Terrific Pallet Lounge Set Updates Plain Yard

By padraigomara

The backyard was looking kind of sad (read depressing) and had a deck with no furniture nor protection from the elements.

21 Coastal Living Style Using Pallets

By HeatherStiletto

Love the beach? Sure, but who can afford living there? Instead, bring the beach and that gorgeous Coastal Living style to your home using pallets! Make your outdoor living area […]

Top 5 Pallet Projects June 2017 Picked By You!

By HeatherStiletto

Here are the TOP 5 Pallet Projects June 2017 that YOU picked! There is a range of indoor and outdoor projects that will inspire you for your summer pallet build […]

Beautiful Stacked Pallet Wood Lounge Set

By Neokentin

I made this  Stacked Pallet Wood Lounge Set out of three pallets, along with some scrap pieces. This set was completed in about two days, including dismantling the pallets, planing, […]

Yay For May! Top 5 Diy Pallet Projects May 2017

By HeatherStiletto

We’re continuously grateful for the support and contributions by our talented, creative and generous Crafters. This community blog couldn’t exist without YOU! So without further ado, here’s the top 5 DIY […]

Modern Stacked Pallet Patio Set

By Neokentin

You don’t have to automatically have “the rustic look” when building with pallets. Look at this Modern Stacked Pallet Patio Set for inspiration. It is elegant, airy, and beautiful, and […]

Mobile Pallet Lounge Set Creates Beautiful Outdoor Living!

By maksim0128

This Mobile Pallet Lounge Set is transformable! It can be individual pieces, or rearranged into a large sectional sofa! All you need is to make several loveseats, add locking casters, and […]

Sleek Pallet Loveseat Set

By KayleighP

I wanted to create something different so decided on making my own chairs and table using 4 and a half pallets!

Poolside Pallet Living Room Set

By Neokentin

I made this Pallet Living Room Set using about 15 pallets. I finished it out in Greek colors using a good-quality exterior paint. It is a simple idea, but with […]

Party Perfect Pallet Patio Set Doubles As Pooch Palace

Party Perfect Pallet Patio Set Doubles As Pooch Palace

By Neokentin

We built this Perfect Pallet Patio Set in a weekend! We had a little fun and put our names on some of the pieces, too. The Patio Table also doubles […]


Coffee Bean Pillow Pallet Lounge Set

By FLAB arredo pallets

We used EPAL pallets to create this custom-made Coffee Bean Pillow Pallet Lounge Set. This set would look great indoors or out! Coffee Bean Pillow Pallet Lounge Set: First, we cut […]


Propoganda 2016 Pallet Bar Extension

By scott.murray

I made this Pallet Bar Extension using pallets as shown in the pictures. The frame itself is from old attic beams and found wood from scrap yards and bins. The barrel […]

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