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How to Dismantle a Pallet & Fit It in Your Car Trunk

By Karell

Don’t have a truck but want to bring pallets home? In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to dismantle a pallet and fit it directly into your car […]

Top 7 Best Pallet Buster & Pallet Breaker Reviews

By Neokentin

Following our various posts presenting some pallet pry bar to dismantle pallets (here and there), we always have many requests for advice on these tools. A pallet buster is a much-needed addition to any […]

Dismantling Block-style Pallets Easily!

By Karell

My DIY Video Tutorial will demonstrate the easy technique for dismantling block-style pallets!  Pallets are not all created equal. In this particular video, I’m going to show you how to […]

Removing Nails From Pallet Blocks

By Karell

Removing Nails from boards is easy. However, how do you remove pallet nails from those handy wooden spacer blocks? You have no leverage. There is nowhere to actually sit your […]

Diy Video Tutorial: Vestil Pallet Buster Bar Dismantles Pallets Quickly

By Karell

You want to build a cool pallet project and have found a stack of pallets. Now, what’s next? Trying to dismantle pallets just with a hammer or crowbar can take […]

Wall Mounted Pallet Office Desk

By Neokentin

I made this Wall Mounted Pallet Office Desk because I needed a little workspace of my own that was budget friendly. I also liked the idea of upcycling to solve […]


Pallet Dismantling Challenge: Reciprocating Saw Vs Circular Saw Vs Pallet Buster

By Karell

I’ve had many people suggest alternatives to my original pallet dismantling technique. So, I decided to do a Pallet Dismantling Challenge: Reciprocating Saw Vs. Circular Saw Vs. Pallet Buster. This short […]

How to Break down a Pallet like a pro

By Karell

I’ve been breaking down pallets for years now. I don’t want nails on my boards as I don’t want to wreck my blades and equipment. I also want to have […]


Salvaging Wooden Pallets in a Different, More Environment Friendly Way

By Neokentin

Tools are heaven-sent items that help you accomplish difficult tasks with the ease of a comic book superhero. When it comes to diversity, tools can help with something as simple […]

How to Take Apart a Pallet in under 5 Minutes

By DrEd

Taking pallets apart is a tedious thing, see this video to find out how to do it quickly and easily.

Diy: Pallet Pry Bar Video

By Neokentin

Build a pallet breaker bar with parts from the hardware store AND no welding.


An Fast & Easy Way To Disassemble Pallet

By tchopko

the simple and rather way i found to dismantle pallets, a little video tutorial

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