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Pallet Buster & Disassembly Tool: Make Your Own Pallet Dismantling Tool

By Neokentin

The pallet pal or pallet buster or even pallet dismantling bar by Izzy Swan is one of the easiest ways (among other pallet disassembling methods) to dismantle pallets with none […]

1001pallets Contest: Win a Pallet Dismantling Bar by Cargo Cycles

By Neokentin

Today, we are happy to announce the launching of our Christmas contest! We have reworked the way of running our contests to give you more interactivity (& fun), and now […]


Diy Pallet Buster / Dismantling Bar

By Neokentin

Welded up from scraps around the shop. The pivot is a length of one-inch pipe and the forks are 3/4″ diameter anchor bolts scavenged from a work site junk pile […]

Pallet Disassembly Tool: Pallet Paw

By hunter26

I found this pallet tool to be extremely helpful in tearing down pallets to use the wood for projects. It is really easy to use and my back does not hurt […]

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