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by Jonathan

Pallet Table & Pallet Bar Stools

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On this picture, I love the way the stool were made! It’s robust and easy! I don’t know where this place is but for sure, it’s a beautiful island!

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Peter Mehonoshen

Glen Newman we can make these

Chloé Dmlr

Thomas Jeremie hé, ya plein d’idées par ici, j’vous ai jamais montré ;)

Jeremie Rifflet
Reply to  Chloé Dmlr

Bah Ouaip c”toi la palette

Anthony Esnault

Laurene Sanna

Lynda Bartlett

Zane Bastian

Nelson Martines

Maribel Colon Centeno

The Pallet Collection

I really like the simplicity of this table and stools. This would do well at the taverns in the rural areas of South Africa!

Lolotte Marquise
Lolotte Marquise

Euuuuuh une 3ème largeur pour mon fessier siouplé


Love the idea!!!!


Thanks for the inspiration.

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