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Stylish Jigsaw Pallet Wood Lamp

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Skip the store-bought lamps and make your own instead! With a cheap light kit and some creativity, you can make a gorgeous lamp like this Jigsaw Pallet Wood Lamp. There are thousands of free jigsaw patterns available on the ‘net for you to use, or just freehand draw a pattern of your liking. We made this one so that it could even be hung up on a nail or on a post if we wanted.

Jigsaw Pallet Wood Lamp:

Purchase a table lamp kit, or dismantle an old lamp and harvest the necessary parts. Next, trace the size of the opening you need to cut onto the bottom piece of the lamp and use a hole saw or jigsaw to cut the opening necessary. Test-fit the lamp. You may need to carve a small channel for the cord so that the lamp sits flat, or you can add little feet to the bottom of the lamp if necessary. Then, cut out the sides of your lamp. You can join them any way you want, but we cut two pieces longer to create a handle and hanger and to naturally reflect light. Dry-fit your pieces together. Next, trace a pattern onto the wood. Then, pre-drill a small hole, big enough for a jigsaw blade and begin cutting out the pattern.

Jigsaw Pallet Wood Lamp – Finishing:

Sand all the edges smooth.  Finally, fit all the pieces together, screwing the wood together after pre-drilling the holes. Finish with lacquer or polyurethane, and then light up those dark corners!

Stylish Jigsaw Pallet Wood Lamp Pallet Lamps & Lights
Stylish Jigsaw Pallet Wood Lamp Pallet Lamps & Lights

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