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Empty Paint Can Becomes Ingenious Pallet Paint Can Lamp

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 2h

  • $8

Here’s a really bright idea: Look at this Ingenious Pallet Paint Can Lamp! It’s made from pallet scraps, an empty paint can, some miscellaneous hardware, and a 25-watt light kit. It’s ideal atop your desk or work area, for spot-lighting when doing hobbies or pulling an all-night study session.

My Ingenious Pallet Paint Can Lamp:

For this project, I used leftovers from a pallet, a can of paint, screws with washers and a 25w bulb. Ideal for studies, sewing, and office. First, I cut the base and sawed off the front corners. Next, I cut the two lower support arms to length, angled the bases to approx. 45 degrees, rounding the corners off again. Then, I installed the lower support arms with screws from the underside. I cut the single, upper support arm to the length I wanted, shaped it, and clamped it in place between the two lower arms. Next, I drilled a hole through all three pieces at once, just large enough for a bolt and wing nut. I drilled a hole through the top end and sanded the assembly.

Ingenious Pallet Paint Can Lamp – Turning a Paint Can into a Lamp Shade:

First, I created the mounting bracket out of a piece of metal that I bent into a U-shape. I drilled two holes in the sides of the empty can, and also through the bracket. Next, I installed hardware to secure the bracket to the can. Then, I drilled a hole into the bottom of the can and used a pre-made lamp kit. I followed the directions and used the template provided to install it correctly. When the lamp and shade were assembled, I mounted it to the top arm and secured the nut and bolt. I routed the wire, installed the bulb and . . . It WORKED!

And now . . . Do I stain it? Paint it? Seal it? I haven’t decided.

Empty Paint Can Becomes Ingenious Pallet Paint Can Lamp Pallet Lamps & Lights

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Eric Michel le Nass
Eric Michel le Nass

C’est vraiment sympa

Severine Michel
Severine Michel

Eric j’adooore

1001 Pallets
1001 Pallets

We do too! :-D

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