Stack of Pallets

This is what we burn to celebrate the new year...Someone reuse pallets, others burn them!

Stack of Pallets Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses


Menno Van Der Meer

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Reamonn Devlin

I could make furniture for 2 years straight with the pallets,what a waste

Gary Lawson

What a waste!

François Lalloué

what a dumb idea, thanx for the planet to burn pallets full of chemical product …

Tim Beer

Who picks up all the nails???

Susan Hone

Ohhhh!! That is like hitting the mother load!

Fanny Tatinclaux

a l’heure ou des tas de gens sont dehors sans chauffage, on gaspille a tors et a travers

Machin Chose

Sans doute pour réaliser la même chose qu’en Norvège :D

Martin Wilkinson

MINE< MINE< MINE…….A house, arrrm ….garage,arrrm… workshop…..OHH HELL a stair way to the moon even!!!

Sylvie Habert
Sylvie Habert

servez vous !

Ranger Minney

I see my dream house with a wrap-around porch, outdoor kitchen, 4-car garage, garden shed, hot tub, and gazebo!

Terrie Forst Griggs
Terrie Forst Griggs

I want!

April Kovatch-Emerick
April Kovatch-Emerick

What’s that? I can’t hear you over the sound of angels singing…..

Emmanuelle Herpailler
Emmanuelle Herpailler

c’est ou ??????

Jeremy Robert

C’est ça qui me faut.

Jean Luc Meurou

J’en rêve !!! ;-)

Jean Pinder
Jean Pinder

what a wastexx

Jean Pinder
Jean Pinder

i want some pallets but cant get any go to places where theirs some but cant have any only want four small ones what you going to do with them burn them x

Allan Pesme
Allan Pesme

Les cons mdr

Machin Chose
Machin Chose

Oui, mais eux vont tous brûler :p

Allan Pesme
Allan Pesme

Machin Chose ;-) le rêve lol

Sebastien Pleux
Sebastien Pleux

Y a de quoi faire des meubles la….

Virginie Penaud-manesse
Virginie Penaud-manesse

J’en veux lol.

Moose Moosie
Moose Moosie

Half way to a pyramid

Vesna Redek via Facebook

I would like them too- to reuse :)

Mila Isra via Facebook

Пожалуйста и мне 10 :))

Cargo Cycles via Facebook

that stack of pallets is not even a challenge:

Ewča Wrhelová Kocourková via Facebook
Ewča Wrhelová Kocourková via Facebook

please send me 50 of these palets …… :D

Crystal Samples via Facebook


bill bex
bill bex

would love to have a stack of pallets that big!!would keep me busy 4 a long time!!!yeah!!!!

Anne Hoogeveen via Facebook

such a shame

Kerstin Hoffmann via Facebook
Kerstin Hoffmann via Facebook


Mattis Urskog via Facebook
Mattis Urskog via Facebook Midsummernightbonfire in Ålesund,Norway. Every year.

Julien Depasse via Facebook
Julien Depasse via Facebook

please send me 8 of these palets… :(


и мне штук 10

Phillip Anthony via Facebook

Id use those to make things! :(p

Grete Heistad Helleren via Facebook
Grete Heistad Helleren via Facebook

Sad to see :/
Burn usefull wood , chop down the forrest ….

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