Pallet Stage Made From 600 Pallets @ Back to the Woods #3

By Neokentin

Festival Stage made with more 600 Pallets.


Temporary Pallet Barrier/Wall

By Steso

We built this Temporary Pallet Barrier/Wall for a country food festival. We stacked the pallets and didn’t nail them together. This was designed for easy removal.  We built it to be an […]


Sumo: A Giant Module For Freestyle Snowboard Contest Out Of Recycled Pallets

By Neokentin

This giant module in the form of a Sumo head was made from a steel frame and recycled pallet wood. This sculpture weight 1.5 tons and was installed on 2 Alpes Glacier at […]


Palletpalooza™ New to the Kalamazoo Area, a Recycled Pallet Creation, Competition & Event

By Neokentin

Recycled pallets are being transformed into amazing projects from wall art to furniture. PalletPalooza™ is celebrating the recycled pallet trend with a competition and awards event. PalletPalooza™ will benefit Goodwill […]

Jaw: Architectural Pallet Structure Built for the Sunflower Maze in Mons 2015

By Julien Kieffer

Architectural removable device made pallets for installing Fanny Bouyagui under Mons 2015 and the Name Festival. This micro-architecture consists of 5 arches which 3 cantilever /
Commande de l’artiste Fanny Bouyagui pour le labyrinthe de tournesols Sun City dans le cadre de Mons 2015 capitale européenne de la culture et aussi pour le NAME Festival.
Assistants : Coline Dartois, Maxime Garin et Anthony Swedrak


600 Pallets Structure @extrema Outdoor, Music Festival in The Netherlands

By Neokentin

Under the guidance of three teachers, four students from the Department of the Built Environment at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) have designed and built a stage, “Ensuite,” for the […]


Sziget Festival Colosseum, Made out of 700 Pallets and 65 Feet Diameter

By Neodim

This artwork for Sziget Festival in Budapest was inspired by the ancient amphitheater. It was made out of 700 wood pallets and using four m³ wood. The 5 meters tall […]


Préparation D’un Festival À L’aide De Palettes / Pallet Festival Structures

By palettesducoeur

Structures (tables, benches …) for a festival made from repurposed wooden pallets. Montage de structures en palettes (Tables, Bancs…) pour un festival.


Fire Pit Made Out Of 3000 Wooden Pallets

By Neokentin

Almost 3000 pallets were used to make this fantastic fire pit at Nawaka. More, the 800 people can sit on it. (Nawaka is a National Water Camp in the Netherlands. […]


Sliding Waves

By Neokentin

Furniture for the chill out area of BPM Festival, June 6, 2012. PERFORMANCE: Planning and realization of a relax area with a series of reclining chairs made of pallets and […]


Pallet Installations @ Festival Fruta Dulce De Fraga

By Neokentin

This is the project that we have done in Spain the past month, with Tutifrú & Co. Tutifru & Co is a collective of engineers and artists that do ephemeral […]


Pallets Festival Tribune

By Neokentin

Tribune for ‘Bal Van De Burgemeester‘ (public party organized by the former mayor of Antwerp).

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