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Simple, Easy Chunky Pallet Side Table

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I made this Easy Pallet Side Table to feature the arched portions of the pallet stringer boards. It’s eye-catching, and it’ll make quite a conversation piece in any room when people notice the arched pieces of pallet stringers. Best of all, it’s a simple design and a sturdy little piece of furniture!

Easy Pallet Side Table:

First, cut stringer boards and trim both sides to center the forklift archways. I butt-joined the stringer pieces to create the top frame. Next, I cut more stringer board pieces into the four legs and installed them into the table top. I mounted them flush with the frame pieces. I added two scrap deck pieces across both sets of legs to help stabilize it. Finally, I topped the piece with more deck boards. I didn’t give dimensions because you can size it appropriately for the space you have. :) This piece is still raw, but you can paint, wax, stain, seal, or even decoupage if you wanted. That’s the best part about working with pallets. I only use safe, heat-treated wood for indoor projects.

Simple, Easy Chunky Pallet Side Table Pallet Coffee Tables

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