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by Kev Barefoot

Rustic Reclining Garden Pallet Sun Lounger

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All made from recycled wooden pallets and nails. The only thing I needed to buy is the hinges and bolts for the adjuster bar at a cost of £2.00. This is the upright position. I completed this project using just 1 and half pallets.

Rustic Reclining Garden Pallet Sun Lounger Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools

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Hello thats a great chair! Can u lay back like in a bed? Saludos desde Uruguay! Its always good to see people recycling!!

Georg Nagel
Georg Nagel

Would it be possible to show a photo of the rear/back of the chair? How does recliner work? Thank you! I live in South Africa and would love to make one please!

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