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Romantic Toddler Bed with Pallets

  • 4 pallets

  • medium

  • 6h

  • $50

In this DIY Saris Garage show you how to build a pallet bed for children yourself. Since we wanted to build a new bed for our little daughter anyway, it was the perfect occasion for us to build a bed of Euro pallets, this time a cot made of EURO pallets.

On our first pallet bed, we were asked again and again which pallets are suitable for a pallet bed. We have been dealing with the topic for a long time and there is now only one answer for us - New Euro pallets, which were only heat-treated (HT).

In the video, you will see step by step how the cot was built by us. In addition, here are some tips and tricks for the construction of a pallet bed and what you should pay attention to.

On the blog Saris Garage, you can find more pallet furniture.



Saris Garage

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Will Priest

Not sure romantic is the word id use for a toddler bed…

Jim Kowalski

Will Priest- yeah, that was my first thought too

Kirby Howard

Damian Howard for zoe x

Céline Fischer

Un beau dodo pour mathis Lauriane Fischer

Lauriane Fischer

Trop d’la bombe

Joanna Woods Moore

Ummmm, not sure a toddler bed should be romantic, yikes!

Amanda Muehlen

Luke Muehlen we should make them for the girls ?

Pauline Chambelland Gosse

Sébastien et Amandine pour Bebe Anna ????

Sébastien Simon

C’est qui ça Anna je vois pas de qui vous parlez

Pauline Chambelland Gosse


Sébastien Simon

Et puis la c’est soraya je vois pas le rapport à part peut-être le coraya

Frédérique Simon

C’est qui Anna ?! ?

Pauline Chambelland Gosse

Frédérique on en parle samedi soir ??

Julee Lombardo

Romantic and toddler are two words that should not be used together, in my opinion.


I agree!

Rob Van de Wetering

Heb je een bed Soraya!?>LOL

Amandine Beltran

Kevin Savina pour les filles

Ana Ortigosa

Amanda Delello, vamos ter um cachorro pra fazer um quartíneo assim pra ele(a)?! pfvr <3

Celine Delforge

Philippe Porcaro pour lee naines

Jake Gatrell

Bad wording..

Yari Carozzi

Azzurra Cordioli

Jennie Brown

Soraya Woodman

Georgia Valerie

Soraya Moon it’s your room! Hope you’re having fun on your holidays! Happy new year too! ? #missyourface

Soraya Moon

OMG ? how cool is that!?
Miss your face too ?

Brett Haslam

Lol. I was about to tag you Soraya Moon???

Kara Matuszewski

Bonnie Langdon love this wee bed so cute

Bonnie Langdon

Very cool

Haylee Hamilton

Awww so cute she’d love this

Lisa Stenning

Soraya Jane Butterworth for your bus

Soraya Jane Butterworth

Wow cool

Christopher Lee McBriar

Romantic and Toddler should not be in the same sentence, just sayin’


:) We try to let the amazing crafters have as much creative license as they like, but we’ve also got language barriers as we get posts from around the world. This one is an older post, and what would sound great in French, for example, doesn’t translate to English well all the time. We’re working to remedy all of the old translations slowly but surely. Thanks for being a Pallets fan! <3 Happy Palleting – Heather the admin. assistant.


Where is the English translation? I really would love to make this. Are the “safe” pallets available in America?


Hello Hanna! We are lucky enough to get contributors from around the world. Sometimes they submit brilliant ideas in their own language, and we can’t translate their videos. Usually, we still share them because if you watch the video, you can still understand how the project is made. You can translate the page itself. If you don’t know how to do that, you can use Google Translate (which we have to use sometimes too). There are indeed safe pallets available in the U.S. as well. Check out our page on pallet safety and learn how to identify the good ones!… Read more »

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