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Repurposed Spalted White Oak Coffee Table

  • 3 pallets

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I made this Repurposed Spalted White Oak Coffee Table, purposely with focus on repurposed/upcycled wood. My love for woodworking started in school, and I was lucky enough to have two instructors that inspired me. Now, 55 years later I find myself with the wood shop I always wanted. A fractured ankle caused a 2+ year hiatus but I am on course now.

Repurposed Spalted White Oak Coffee Table - make your own!

What you see below is the result. I have focused on repurposed wood. In this case it is pallet wood. I have a source for some excellent 3x4x8' wood, you just have to see the beauty behind the ugly on the outside. It's spalted white oak finished with 2 coats of oil-based fruitwood stain and 3 coats of oil-based urethane finish. Hairpin legs which I alas did not make. It would have taken another $1000 of tools and some place to have a fire. I must admit having an anvil would be cool. This all started out as gnarly pallet wood! The finished size of this table is 34" x 48"

Let's get building this I made this Spalted White Oak Coffee Table!

I started out by removing he nails, then running the wood through the jointer. When wood has a twist or a warp it's much easier to cut it to a rough length so you aren't planing too much wood. Once the wood is flat and square on 2 sides, on to the table saw. It takes multiple passes through the saw to cut dense hardwood. Once cut, I glued the boards in sections to avoid 'bowing'. Perhaps 3 boards at a time. Then glue the entire thing together. I made the sides from the same wood, I don't like end grain showing.

Try out new products - you may like the results like my Spalted White Oak Coffee Table!

I used a new Titebond glue designed to be thick for the end grain so it doesn't soak in. It's called Titebond No-Run, No-Drip. I sanded down to 150 grit because this is a very dense wood. I use Zar Stain and General Finishes pre stain and final finish. Again because it is dense, I use oil based products. the legs are 16" hairpin legs that I found on Etsy.

Repurposed Spalted White Oak Coffee Table Pallet Coffee Tables

Upcycle old wood and turn it into a work of art!

Repurposed Spalted White Oak Coffee Table Pallet Coffee Tables

My finished spalted white oak coffee table sporting some delicate hairpin legs I purchased from Etsy.

Repurposed Spalted White Oak Coffee Table Pallet Coffee Tables

Here's a view of the underside of the table with the legs installed.

Repurposed Spalted White Oak Coffee Table Pallet Coffee Tables

The table top is finished; it just needs the legs installed.

Repurposed Spalted White Oak Coffee Table Pallet Coffee Tables

Repurposed Spalted White Oak Coffee Table Pallet Coffee Tables

And here it is in all of its spalted glory - my white oak coffee table with beautiful hairpin legs.

Here's a beautiful Pallet Sofa Table or Side Table idea for you too! Make a conversation piece and turn magazines into a side table!

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