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by Karell

Recycled Pallet Garbage Box

  • 8 pallets

  • easy

  • 2h

  • free

The purpose of this project was to build a box where we could drop garbage bags when our primary garbage bin is simply not enough. We have a family of 8 in total, and this naturally creates a significant amount of trash. Combined with a garbage truck that only comes around every two weeks during the winter period and add hungry animals to the mix and you can easily see how this becomes a necessity.

This was a wife sponsored project, those are the ones I love as she will not only provide feedback but also usually help with the physical build itself.

The box is assembled with a few 2×4 as the skeleton structure, there is no bottom (we wanted any fluids from the bags or snow/ice to be able to go straight into the ground), and the top is a simple 1/4 inch plywood plank that was left over from a previous project. There are probably between 5-8 pallets into this project simply because of all the planks for the sides. I already owned the 2×4, but there are I think 4 in this project. The kids could climb on the box (even if they are told not to) so we wanted it to be sturdy and not collapse.

Recycled Pallet Garbage Box Pallet Boxes & Chests
Recycled Pallet Garbage Box Pallet Boxes & Chests
Recycled Pallet Garbage Box Pallet Boxes & Chests


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Heather Stiletto

Nice job!

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