Rebel Pallet Bed

  • 6 pallets

  • medium

  • 10h

  • free

Embrace your culture and have some fun with it, like this Rebel Pallet Bed. I used six pallets and created this bed in about ten hours.

Materials & supplies used:

  • two pieces of leftover decking
  • hammer
  • screws
  • DeWalt drill
  • white
  • red, and blue paint
  • leftover 1" wide trim boards
  • and finally some leftover Christmas lights.

How to create your own Rebel Pallet Bed - the bed frame:

This portion was where most of the pallets were used. First, I created a sturdy box frame to create a raised bed base using the pallet stringer boards. I sized it to my son's mattress. After the frame had been built, I finished it out by using deck boards as the side trim, spacing them about an inch apart after I'd sanded them all fairly smooth. Additionally, I used more deck boards across the top of the frame for the mattress support. Finally, I trimmed out the bed with leftover 1" wood trim and secured them in place with trim nails.

Rebel Pallet Bed - the Redneck Rich Headboard:

Here's where we had some fun. I used two leftover deck boards to create the two side pieces of the headboard. I used three deck boards as cross pieces and attached them to the back of the two vertical leftover deck boards. Then we let our creative inspiration loose! We painted six deck boards red, two deck boards white, and had fun with star stencils. Additionally, we stenciled the various words on the boards before securing everything. To complete the headboard, we installed a final board across the top front, and then a decorative board along the bottom.

Rebel Pallet Bed - Final Assembly:

I installed the headboard and cut down the two long decking boards. We added a string of leftover Christmas lights around the frame just to make it more fun for our son. The finishing touches included an awesome comforter, lots of fun flags, and even some fun with the leftover paint by stenciling stars on the cement ledge of the basement wall. My son is pleased, so I'm a happy camper too!

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This is the gaudiest trash ive ever seen. And what even is this room do you live in a basement with your poor poor child? You just may have more confederate flags than IQ points.

Brian Hess

I think I saw this on Pinterest. :)

Jean Lyon

Is this in some windowless bunker where one waits for the south to rise again? Very bad taste, if you can call it that….



Nico De St Au

Stephane Treuiller

Bridget Daryl Ginley

Sorry, that’s horrible.

Jason Noyes

Don’t the X-Mas lights make it a little “tacky”?

Loïc Jaffeux

Nicolas une chambre faîtes pour toi ^^

Nicolas Thevenet

Bordel à cul !!

Bull Hausky

NRA et Afrique ??? perturbé le mec qui dort la …..



Rober Nistal

The redneck’s dream.

1001 Pallets

:-D – but when I was a kid watching the Dukes of Hazzard, I would’ve LOVED this! :-D Happy Palleting – HS.

Danny Hardin

Oh yeah

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