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Pre-lit Pallet Christmas Tree We Painted Green!

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 3h

  • $2.65

Instead of cutting down a tree, we decided to make a Pre-Lit Pallet Christmas Tree. We only needed one pallet and spent under three bucks to buy a set of lights for it!

Pre-Lit Pallet Christmas Tree:

I took a straight edge and made the shape of a triangular Christmas tree. Next, I cut at 45-degree angle. I think the wood was 1″ x 4″. The longest board was 42″.  Then we applied green paint and painted each board. We drilled holes to attach to main 2″ x 2″ by 5′ foot long center beam and installed the “branches.” Finally, we pre-drilled holes for a string of 200 blinking Christmas lights. Then pre-drilled holes for the blinking Christmas lights 200 lights.

Pre-lit Pallet Christmas Tree We Painted Green! Pallet Home Accessories

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Ingrid Morrison

I redo mine in spring with birds & butterflies

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