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Pallets-land: Colorful Terrace

With a terrace of 40m2, we can do/create a lot of things... with a small budget. This creation has been made inspired by all the Facebook pages and websites. It was a long an tough work as I did myself, alone, but in the end, I can say that I'm proud of myself. Winter was so long ! Colors are required :)

Pallets-land: Colorful Terrace Lounges & Garden Sets Pallet Terraces & Pallet Patios
Pallets-land: Colorful Terrace Lounges & Garden Sets Pallet Terraces & Pallet Patios

Ségolène Leicester

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Zonda Bodiford

Jim Bodiford Whitney Elizabeth Cox look at that table!!!

Coralie Scherrer

Raphael pour Julo on fera ca ?

Raphael Ledrappier

On verra si il et gentil

Linda Lili Lasourie


Michelle Anne Kucyniak

Kylee Jope you reckon Quinn Tua-Davidson be down with that lol

Kylee Jope

Omg these r freaking coooool as ?? I rekn u shld jst do it hahahaha more than welcome to do it hea ? man I need some funky paint so I can flash mine up ae

Kylee Jope

Michelle Anne Kucyniak yes yes totally keen on that sesh LETS DO THIS ?

Kerryn Griffin Bishop

Will get Wayne Bishop to keep eye out

Kerryn Griffin Bishop

Yes John can make & I will paint and plant. Hehehe.

Tammy Rowland

He said yes if we get the pallets ?

Tammy Rowland

Kerryn Griffin Bishop, this is what we need at work

Steve Gray

Codie Gray

Brad MacCarthy

Naomi Mactaggart these are cool

Naomi Mactaggart

Yeah they are can we make them

Brad MacCarthy

Yeah we can

Tracy Hull

Deannah Lynn Dallas this is so needed for your girls.

Deannah Lynn Dallas

O the conversations they would have over the table!

Courtney Tassin

Lacy Domingue

Holly Francke

Kelly Mader

Donna Stewart

Adam Stewart maybe we could do kids picnic bench with pallets?

Adam Stewart

I like this idea Donna they look great

Sam Curran

It is a shame they did not have pallets in medieval times

Robyn Silcox

I know! Do you think we could use the bar as framework and add some painted corflutes to it?

Sam Curran

Possibly. Let the ideas flow forth.

Sam Curran

It could be a “castle” bar as we seem to be getting a name for ourselves around bars.

Robyn Silcox

We think a Medieval Tavern is in order for 2018.

Robyn Silcox

Some more ideas Sam Curran

Jane Clark

This is my absolute favorite….of all time!

Jess Williams

Same.. Maybe we get a family beach house for both our fams! !! Problem solved ;)

Haley Ollerenshaw

Haha yeah true….you’re onto it I’ll leave it in your hands lol

Jess Williams

They are!! Looks awesome ay!

Haley Ollerenshaw

I’d love them but no where to put them

Haley Ollerenshaw

Jess Williams these are nice :)

Flo Santoro-bellaut

Je cherche des bobines comme ça pour me faire une table basse

Naima Coutures

J adore!!

Gūįllåûmę Ästøül

J’adore trop beau !!!!
Frederic Nouailles sa irai trop bien chez toi ;)

Fleur Éternelle

j’adore trop beau

Lolo Lolo

Super le recyclage! !

Frederic Nouailles

Gūįllåûmę Ästøül ça ça va te plaire ! Des BEAUX meubles en palettes !!!!

Alex Tout Court

Pour finir ton coin Olivier Thubert

Ashleigh Morris Dykes

Kirsty Oliver some more ideas

Aldora Neto

Telmo, olha que trabalho bonito!

Julie Law Reynolds

Jane Povey look aint it nice

Julie Law Reynolds

Sis look Pam Millward nice ain’t it

Julie Law Reynolds

I like them I do

Pam Millward

Nice yer

Julie Law Reynolds

That’s why I want pallets for

Pam Millward

Av u found anywer 2 get em from? N make them or u gonna do urself?

Julie Law Reynolds

Do it myself it’s easy

Julie Law Reynolds

Im having a walk up the road monday Iv been setting little munchy garage and police station up

Claudia Liliana Girardi

que alegres !!!!!!!!!!!!

George Cartwright

Pretty groovy

Kellie Thompson

George Cartwright makes me think of you!

Raïssa Garreau

Magnifique ! J’adore

Gény Brocart

C’est dommage, il n’y a pas les tutos pour la construction de la table :'(

Gay-Nodin Isabelle

Evelyne…. en couleur

Jodi Irwin
Jodi Irwin

Love the table! ! Oh I want that now! !

Victoria Delaire

Anaïs Anaïs ton futur jardin Ahah

Anaïs Anaïs
Anaïs Anaïs

Je vois pas pourquoi ^^

Victoria Delaire

Tu es une fille colorée alors ton jardin devra l’être mdr

Cat Kim

Super j’ adore on a juste assez de temps pour réaliser ce décor avant l’ été….

Kim Louise Kelly-Molyneux

Larni May Smasha you like this site

Beatrice Guyot
Beatrice Guyot

Trop beau les couleurs ,bravo

Hugo Merello Luna

Baño low cost…..

Ellen O Kane

Fab maire I will have it summer time in my garden x

Celine Plantiveau

pour le centre l’été Céline Giraud

Ukkoo Dorothée Frantz
Ukkoo Dorothée Frantz

celle du dessus j’aimerais bien aussi mais sans dossier c’est bof si pas de rebord de balcon

Ukkoo Dorothée Frantz
Ukkoo Dorothée Frantz

moi je vais faire celle du dessous

Jean-Christophe Masse

On en jette des dizaines chaque mois. Mais les palettes Europe. .. celles – là tout le monde les veut

Marie-Ange Laval
Marie-Ange Laval

Forcément ya qu’avec celles ci qu’on peut faire quelque chose lol

Sofie Vanhoutte

Jean-Christophe Masse sérieux ? j en cherche 2 petites

Jean-Christophe Masse

Passe me voir

Magali Rouff
Magali Rouff

J’adore ! C’est plein de couleurs ! De vitamines ! Vivement le printemps !

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