Pallets in the GardenLounges & Garden SetsU Garden Set Made Out Of Repurposed Pallets


by Katy

U Garden Set Made Out Of Repurposed Pallets

Here is one of the biggest garden sofa we’ve seen!

U Garden Set Made Out Of Repurposed Pallets Lounges & Garden Sets Pallet Sofas & Couches

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Tom Tucker
Tom Tucker

does anyone have plans for this yet?

Terrie Lumsden
Terrie Lumsden

This is very nice and I would love to make it! Are there plans available?

Reply to  Terrie Lumsden

Hi Terrie,
Unfortunately we don’t have the plans for this garden set…sorry.

Mes réalisations en palettes

juste superbe :)

Chris Gentle


LN Dard

Quand on voit le prix d un salon de jardin et le peu de temps que cela dure j avoue que je suis tentée de me lancer dans la réalisation d un tel projet

Lily Galarneau

Look James Moore

Émilie Dumas-Chaput

Nakoa Trapper.. U need this kind of table! ;)

Nakoa Trapper

Nice!! I wouldn’t mind having that set up

Tanya Crosdale

Lmao c’mon get to work Monique Thompson!!

Emmanuelle Bartel

William regarde ça chouchou

Rachael Evans

Bev N Lisa Oats an awesome project for your bbq area ☺

Bev N Lisa Oats
Reply to  Rachael Evans

Hell yeah

Rachael Evans
Reply to  Rachael Evans

I haveca little collection of pellets happening here lol

Kev Roy

Andrew James Simpson Emma Louise Simpson how fab does this look

Andrew James Simpson
Reply to  Kev Roy

Seen this, would love to make it but going to take some effort

Bart Kesteloot



This is brilliant, would love to do this for our garden. Can anybody offer plan for this. Would love to know how many pallets, dimensions and what was used for the cushions.

Thanks for help from anybody.


also one of the nicest sofas!


Does anybody have plans for this


Has anyone been able get a hold of the plans for this design?


Does anyone have plans for this??? I can’t find these anywhere?


Dies anyone have plans for this??? I can’t find these anywhere?


GORGEOUS!!! Where could I get the plans to try this myself? I would love to do it and show/share my design on here too. Thank you for sharing this idea!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Humbert Galindo
Humbert Galindo

The outdoor pallet sofa looks great where can I get the plans for it?

kaleemah ahsan
kaleemah ahsan

looking for tutorial of the patio sofa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply to  kaleemah ahsan

did you ever find plans for the outdoor sofa
Thanks Terry

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