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Pallet Wood Self-catering Heaven

I renovated part of our farm steading in the winter of 2012/13, and we now rent it out as a holiday cottage (The Cow Shed). It’s going really well. It inspired me to do another one (Cow Shed 2), and I decided I wanted to build it being as sustainable as possible. The local garden center provided me with over 100 pallets which would probably have ended up on the fire. After a drying, splitting, sanding, and more drying (this time in the house) process they ended up as cladding on the bedroom wall, cladding around the French Doors in the lounge, skirting boards, bathroom & bedroom mirrors, light fittings, the TV/HiFi stand, a bathroom sink unit, window recesses and the entire kitchen.
Everything but the kitchen units were oiled with Danish Oil and treated with a fireproofing spray. The kitchen was varnished twice with a clear satin varnish. I decided to sand each strip of wood, rather than plane, to retain the aged look which I think adds huge character to the finish. As an aside, I also built a clay rendered straw bale partition wall to split the remaining steading in two to create the second cottage and used hessian on the internal ceiling. The door facings and skirting boards in the lounge are all made from the old recycled tie beams that came out of the steading roof. Using pallet wood slowed up the build process but created a fantastic finish that was ultimately worth the extra hours. Next project – full straw bale holiday lodge in our field, internally finished with plenty of pallet wood of course!

Pallet Wood Self-catering Heaven Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors
Pallet Wood Self-catering Heaven Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors
Pallet Wood Self-catering Heaven Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors
Pallet Wood Self-catering Heaven Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors

Pallet Wood Self-catering Heaven Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors


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Sandra Thomas

I need

Sandra Thomas

I want!!❤❤❤❤

Sandra Thomas

Omg/// yassssss!!❤

Heidi Jessup

Craig Jessup you should follow this page. Awesome ideas.

UnInhibited Fittings

I love the way pallet wood looks n walls. Have used it in an old camper I have and love the result

Francisco Flórido

Conheça a Página de jardins:

Fakri Zain

very nice..

Nicole Sander Garza


Laetitia Racca Pouyfourcat

Magnifique au taf Yoyo!!!

Yoann Daffos

Laetitia Racca Pouyfourcat
Elle est pas belle cette cuisine de palettes

John Ramsey

how you put up pallets on wall with ?

Gene Courtin

j’aime beaucoup, par contre il faut le matériel pour transformer car il y a beaucoup de pointes dans ces palettes

Philip Waters

Amanda Hignett look at the kitchen :)

Amanda Hignett
Reply to  Philip Waters

We could make a whole pallet house :)

Nathalie Robidoux

les armoires de cuisine !!!!

Stephan Hugo Romane

Superbe !

Marie-Laure Palicot



Love it!
I just started getting into the pallet repurposing and have made a veggie garden so far. I have been collecting them to start using inside the house and your ideas are great, all of them but my favorite is the kitchen, wow it’s beautifully rustic. I will be adding pallets to my kitchen.


Angeline Denervaud

Magn ifique

Cyril Gazz
Cyril Gazz

Très beau, petit coup de coeur pour la cuisine

Annie D'oliveira Segui

Superbe réussite !!

Ivano Tommasi

Creazioni fantastische

Mandi Park Carmichael
Mandi Park Carmichael

I love the pallet wall behind the bed…the rest would be a bit too much for me..but a very nice job.

Judy Adams White

love it

Elena Gadzheva

It’s look fantastic! Anna Gadzheva-Dzhogova

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