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Pallet Wine Storage Rack

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I made this Pallet Wine Storage Rack as a birthday gift for my father. It was constructed from two pallets and took under four hours to complete. The best part is that it didn't cost a thing, but it'll be priceless to my dad! This was one of my first pallet projects, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

How I made this Pallet Wine Storage Rack:

Here’s a quick list of the tools you’d need – A miter saw, drill, sander, router, and a level workbench to build it on. Miscellaneous consumables were just screws to mount it all together!

First, I cut the lengths of pallet boards for the three shelves. I did the cuts all at once to make them consistent and to keep the project as square/level as possible. Next, I assembled the frames for the shelves using simple butt-joints. I checked for square with a tape measure by measuring diagonally from corner to corner and adjusting as necessary. You can use a corner square as well. When all three shelf frames were complete, I started on the outer cabinet. Again, I used more butt-joints but added supporting squares of wood on the interior corners. I created feet by using parts of pallet blocks. Then I added a back support to the bottom edge of the cabinet.

Pallet Wine Storage Rack – time to measure and cut the notches for the bottles:

Here’s where your own private stock of a few wine bottles comes in handy. I laid them out onto the front and back bracket I installed into the cabinet frame and adjusted them roughly equally. I traced out the approximate semi-circle sizes I needed and routed them out. You could also use a hole saw or something like a jigsaw or band saw too. Then it was just a simple matter of checking, then transferring the holes to the other bottle support boards by placing them behind the cut boards and using a pencil to trace the size. Cut the pieces out and then mount them into the cabinet. Of course, modify this idea to fit any specialty bottle sizes that your family may need.

I sanded it all fairly smooth but left some of that rustic, pallet texture intact. I haven’t applied any finish yet. Still deciding on what the final finish will be. I’ll have to see what my dad wants. This was a fun build, and hopefully, you’ll give it a try too!

Editor's Note: Excellent first pallet project, Invavoom! We look forward to future creations. PS, love the Singer treadle base in the background. Is that going to be an upcoming project?

Pallet Wine Storage Rack Pallet Boxes & Chests

Pallet Wine Storage Rack Pallet Boxes & Chests

Pallet Wine Storage Rack Pallet Boxes & Chests

Pallet Wine Storage Rack Pallet Boxes & Chests

Pallet Wine Storage Rack Pallet Boxes & Chests

Pallet Wine Storage Rack Pallet Boxes & Chests

Pallet Wine Storage Rack Pallet Boxes & Chests

Pallet Wine Storage Rack Pallet Boxes & Chests

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Kelvin Healey

Very nice. I made one similar.

Rebekka Middleton

Ive got the perfect spot for it next to the pantry & I’ve got lots of wine to put in it too, although it won’t last long at Xmas…

Phillipkathy Walker

It would ay

Rebekka Middleton

It’ll look good in my dinning room

Phillipkathy Walker

Looks good ay

Julien Harzallah

Alexis Jouve 😉 pour ta cave à vin 😆

Alexis Jouve

Exceptionnel !!! 😁😁😂

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