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Pallet Wine Fermenting Table

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These pallets keep on working – this time as a Pallet Wine Fermenting Table. I wanted to build a table to hold my home made wine in the two Demi Johns that I have. One demijohn is a 15 gallon, and the other is a 7.5 gallon, so they are pretty wide, and I needed enough space on my table to hold both.
I also wanted the table to be tall enough to house my empty and then full bottle underneath it.

About this Pallet Wine Fermenting Table:

Originally, I wanted to make a long and narrow table, only about 19″ in depth/width and lean it up against the wall. However, I figured I would go with something wider to support the weight. There was an unused area between my water heater and my washer/dryer. I measured out the dead space to be approximately 30″x 32″.

The hardest part was breaking down the pallets. I built a flat frame and then attached it to the legs of the table. After I had secured it to the legs, I attached the top pieces. Finally, I did a border of more deck boards to provide some additional support.

Final thoughts about my first pallet project – Pallet Wine Fermenting Table:

This project used about two pallets. I probably could have used just one pallet for this, but like I said, this is my first attempt, and I think it turned out pretty well. I was not sure what was the best hardware to use when putting the table together. So, I went with screws and my impact gun. For my next project, I am thinking of going back to hammer and nails. I want the next project to look more rustic and handmade.

Well, I hope you like my first project…My Pallet Wine Fermenting Table!

Editor’s note: from the homepage, if you click on the large “I” at the top of the page, you’ll see several tutorials, including one on techniques for dismantling pallets. The link is provided here for our crafters for informational purposes only.

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