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Pallet Wine Caddy

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 1h

  • free

After pulling apart a pallet and using it to make various items I found I had a heap of left over scraps just waiting to be made into something.

The base is 12 inches long as are the internal sides. The ends are nailed into the base and are 4.5 inches long.

I then took some pallet pieces and cut them into long strips and screwed them into the sides. I have made two, one was burnt using a blow torch the other given oil in a light-colored stain.

30 minutes job from start to finish. I used a drill and hole cutter to make holes for the rope. Once I tied the knot in the rope, I singed the ends to add a little bit more rustic feel.

Pallet Wine Caddy Pallet Bars
Pallet Wine Caddy Pallet Bars

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