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Pallet Viking Chairs For The Manliest Man Caves

  • 3 pallets

  • medium

  • 20h

  • $10

I have been making these Pallet Viking Chairs for a while and really enjoy them a lot. They're much more comfortable to sit in and are more attractive than a recliner-style seat. Plus, they're easy to move!

Make yourself a set of these Pallet Viking Chairs - they're great for party seating, outdoor living areas, and more!

First, I broke down the pallets and sanded them with a belt sander. Next, I glued, screwed, fitted with dowels and clamped together. The back pieces are full 48" lengths of pallet wood, and the seat part is 42" long with the hole at 12" from the floor.  The Seat back and seat area width is roughly 11 - 12". I finished the chairs with varying techniques including wood torching, staining, and sealed with an outdoor wood varnish.

Start that sanding! Break the pallets apart, pull the nails out, and sand the boards down nice and smooth (or leave as much texture as you want).

Two layers of 48" boards are glued, dowelled and screwed together. I clamped everything down well and used my old weight set to help prevent any warping.

...And we're clamping and gluing and screwing and doweling..... :D

I've cut, curved and sanded the edges over along the top of the backrest and on the front of the seat portion. Additionally, I cut some off of the seat portion to make it shaped like a giant key and cut the slot into the backrest portion.

Here's a close-up shot of me trimming down the seat, so it's sort of key-shaped. Next, I'll round over the corners of the seat for comfort.

Test fitting these chairs before I bother with the details like rounding over the corners, or even decorative carving.

Everything is better when you can use fire, right? Look at the beautiful grain that becomes highlighted with careful application of the wood torch. The corners are rounded over.

Could these Viking chairs be any more manly? Of course. Just carve a skull, like the Punisher shape, and the chair is instantly more awesome!

Happy wife = happy life, right? If there is a King chair, there has to be a Queen chair! <3

Here's another great idea for outdoor seating with a unique twist like these Pallet Chairs With Game Board Table! Want a unique seating for your man cave? Try this Tires & Chains Rocker!

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Christelle Vasse

Not viking ! It’s the Punisher head !

Peter Prescott

Andrew Bates you need one of these lol

To Ma

Greg Bayle

Fabio Lézosky

Anto Quatre Cent Trente pour ludo nolle

Anto Quatre Cent Trente

Ludovic Nolle ?

Matthew McMillan

Phil Tegg

Matthew McMillan

We should make a couple

Phil Tegg

Looks like you’d need a biscuit jointer for the bit you sit on. Not a 5 minute job

Nicolas Oliveira

Arnaud Pirlet

Emilie Grégoire


Rachel McManus

These really look a lot like a woman’s birthing chair from the long,long ago days

Stephane Brillon


Mélanie Miron

J’en ai fait plusieurs comme ça en 15 ans, j’en ai même encore 2 chez moi :)

Emeline Liss

Marjo Hd Janfi Hobbs

Oscar Hendrix

Claire Upon-the Heath Toby Wan Shinobi

Claire Upon-the Heath


Lily Salem Bells Warner

oui ^^

Mel Succube Melalykat

Classe …

Robert Johansen

Richard Johansen
Noe og ha på hytta?

Mauro Trabuio


Phil Price

Errmerrgerrd must have!! Thanks Nnniiinnnjjjaaaaa❤️❤️❤️

Alesha Cadwallader

Yea lol that be cool

Jase de Goede

A couple of those on our new future deck lol

Alesha Cadwallader

Build some babe

Mathieu Dubos

Elle me fait pensé à celle de mais parents ! Mais pas tt à fait le meme style ….

Wayne Pickett

Matt Capewell. How class am them

Ken Starkey

Looks like the punisher.

Wayne Bird

Go on then. ….

Cécile Minimoyz

Nathan Reihill next level for your dad ;) ;)

Martin Dudešek


Wayne Bird

( skull )

Vicente Baño Lucia

Ajuego con mi tatooo ajjajajajaj

Martin Vidili

Dario Vidili Gisse Rodriguez jajajajajja gise odiame

Dario Vidili

Tiene que elegir, la barra o eso….. jajajaja

Johnny Raus

Pretty frigging cool, Kim Rahnert Raus. Maybe not this exact design but I like them….

Cindy Govea

Bruno Matscha Marthaler Sophia Marthaler das wär doch öbis für euch!

Bee Too

Simon Hilton next project, mate ;)

Simon Hilton

Pretty darn cool

Kala Skye

Asia think kirk could do a Harley version?

Sammie N Jakey

My ass would break that!

MaryKay Correll

I agree! Will have to show Jesse

Heikki Strömberg


Nathan Wilkes

Haha yes

Brad Walters

Matt Chadwick um indeed sir we must

Ernest Richards

are thay also called merlowy chairs

Jake Barclay

These are designed from the Punisher logo!

Mark Coolidge

Shannon Coolidge, rehearsal dinner seats…?

Shannon Coolidge

Um. No.

Kim Sowman

David Tuna these are cool

Steph Vink

Rick Daly new outdoor project for you

Denise Mayer

love these.

Melissa Sue Smith

Who wants one?

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