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Pallet Tv Stand/Entertainment Center

  • 2.5 pallets

  • medium

  • 35h

  • $10

This Rustic Pallet TV Stand/Entertainment Center was a project for a family member, so I wanted it to be perfect!



  • Cut four 1×4’s to 36″ (91.44 cm) length (for TV stand legs)
  • Cut four 1×4’s to 48″ (121.92 cm) length (for two lower shelf frames)
  • Cut four 1×4’s to 16″ (40.64 cm)  length (for two lower shelf frames)
  • Cut approx twenty-four to twenty-eight deck boards to 16″ (40.64 cm) length (for shelf surfaces**)
  • Cut two 2×4″s at 48 & 7/8″ (124.14 cm) length (for top shelf  frame width pieces)
  • Cut two 2×4″s at 17″ (43.18 cm) length (for top shelf frame depth pieces)
  • Cut approx. eight 1×6″ lead boards to 17″ (43.18 cm) length (for top shelf surface**)

**if available – you may have to modify the count based on the wood you have**

Here’s how I made this rustic Pallet TV Stand/Entertainment Center:

First, I broke down three pallets but used about 2 1/2 of them overall.  I took two 1×4″s and cut them both to 48″. Then I took two more 1×4″s and cut them at 16″. Next, I screwed those to the 48″ pieces using 2″ screws to create my bottom shelf frame. I repeated this for the center frame.

Pallet TV Stand/Entertainment Center – Shelving:

I sorted the deck boards and used the ones that were in best shape. I cut them at 16″, which is the depth of the piece. Each shelf used approximately 12-14 deck boards since some weren’t the same width. I secured them in place with more screws. If you are looking at the front of the shelves, they run front to back. I repeated this for the second (middle) shelf.

The legs were cut from more 1×4″s, cut to 36″. I laid the bottom shelf on the floor, making sure it was not wobbly. Then I screwed the four legs to the bottom shelf, so the bottom shelf sits flush to the floor. Next, I used spare blocks of wood that were the same size and stacked them up on both sides to hold the middle shelf in place. This kept it stable and leveled until I could attach it to the legs. I had double-checked level/square before I attached the fasteners.

After the second shelf was in place I cut two 2×4″s at 4′ 7/8″ long for the top shelf, along with another two 2×4″s at 17″ for the sides. I mounted those together on the very top of the 36″ legs, making sure they were square and flush. Yes, I did end up having to do some sanding.

Pallet TV Stand/Entertainment Center – finishing the top and sanding:

I gathered more 1×6″ lead deck boards and cut them to 17″ length. I installed them with screws to finish the top shelf. Next, I sanded everything down with 40 grit sandpaper to make it look rustic. I didn’t sand too hard, and was careful to avoid cutting into the wood, but in a few places I had to. I’m very happy with how this Pallet TV Stand/Entertainment Center turned out!

Pallet Tv Stand/Entertainment Center Pallet TV Stands & Racks
Pallet Tv Stand/Entertainment Center Pallet TV Stands & Racks
Pallet Tv Stand/Entertainment Center Pallet TV Stands & Racks
Pallet Tv Stand/Entertainment Center Pallet TV Stands & Racks

Pallet Tv Stand/Entertainment Center Pallet TV Stands & Racks

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Madeira Rústica

Dandara Hanna quem te lembra?

Dandara Hanna

Vc todinha


Very nice! I may try to make something similar for someone who has asked me to make them a tv stand. Did you end up finishing it or leave it raw?

Deron Keating

Love it…Valerie Valerie Cooke

Mark Robson

It is indeed x

Jacqueline Robson

Mark Robson this is a nice one x

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