DIY Pallet Tutorials

Check out our Submitted Tutorials page!  You will learn how to make: a pallet garden pathway, a pallet table, a pallet garden chair, a modular pallet coffee table, a wine rack, a terrace deck, a Pallet Module For Exhibitions (EsagOmo), a bathroom storage and MUCH MORE. If you want to participate in this category and send us a tutorial you have done, PLEASE  contact us.

Find inspiration and easy-to-follow “how-to’s” here! Perhaps, try out our other Pallet Tutorials for DIY instructions, videos, and step-by-step ideas! Learn how to build anything from pallet dog beds to unique lighting ideas, to a moon-shaped baby cradle and more!

DIY craft tutorials can show you how to build dog beds, cradles, bars, lighting, coffee tables and more. Use our tutorials and make cabins and playhouses, storage ideas, pallet planters, decks, we’re your handy source!

DIY Tutorial

How to Fill Holes in Wood Pallets?

A Step by Step Guide for Making a Study Pallet Table

Diy: Pallet Pet Bed

Diy: Wood Pallet Lantern

Diy: Build a Tulsi Manch Out of Pallet Wood

Diy: Pallet Coffee Table

50-inch Pallet Sign: Song of Solomon 3:4

Diy: Pallet Kids Table & Chair

How to Maintain Your Chainsaw

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