Pallets in the GardenLounges & Garden SetsSunbed Out Of 3 Wooden Pallets


by Christine Burnham

Sunbed Out Of 3 Wooden Pallets

  • 3 pallets

  • n/a

  • n/a

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3 pallets were necessary to make this pallet sunbed.

Construit à partir de 3 palettes, 2 planches de coffrage, et quelques vis….

Sunbed Out Of 3 Wooden Pallets Lounges & Garden Sets

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well done ! may we get the plans please ?

Lucy Merry

Duncan Merry ??

That looks great – can you post some more details ?

Hildagard Meldau Du Plessis
Hildagard Meldau Du Plessis

Nice man

Chris Telle
Chris Telle

Céline Gand

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