Pallets in the GardenLounges & Garden SetsPatio Lounge Out of 12 Reclaimed Pallets


by Robbie Bee

Patio Lounge Out of 12 Reclaimed Pallets

  • 12 pallets

  • medium

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I got this idea from the website but put a few of my own tweaks on it to fit my deck. It is made out of 12 pallets, 5 yards of outdoor fabric, and outdoor padding. The 4 top wrapped pallets are easily removable to protect from bad weather damage.


  • First, cut all 12 of the pallets in half long ways (put short half to the side)
  • Nail 2 of the big halves together and spray paint (done 4 times)
  • With the left over 4 big halves, fill in the top spacing with the planks from the short halves.
  • Once the tops are filled in measure padding and fabric, cut and secure with a staple gun.
Patio Lounge Out of 12 Reclaimed Pallets Lounges & Garden Sets
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Tabita Potgieter

Renzia De Villiers

IIni Slrt

Axel Blrd

Maria Ashworth

Wish our was like that

Tim Jansen

copy paste, ik kon ook niet anders doen{rechter muis klik dan stukje aanvinken en kopieren. en dan weer ergens plakken

Kima Holland
Kima Holland

tof maar hoe deel ik dit ???

Arhitectura Verde


Kervinn Ezequiel

Jessica Santos

Jessica Santos

aaaaaaaaaaaa q lindo salva essa foto querido


I am soo gonna make some outside table and chairs with pallets this looks really cool


Very good, as I didnt even realise they were pallets, looking very neat!! My back “patio” is about that size…but smaller, made decking from wood others have thrown in the bin, collected over short time £0.00 – Oh, and few scaffolding boards !


I like this Susanna.. very classy

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