Pallets in the GardenLounges & Garden SetsPallet Outdoor Sofa


by Ben Skinner

Pallet Outdoor Sofa

  • 10 pallets

  • medium

  • n/a

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I saw a pallet sofa on a Facebook page called creative ideas. This is my version: 10 pallets and 10 railway sleeper blocks.

Pallet Outdoor Sofa Lounges & Garden Sets Pallet Sofas & Couches

Pallet Outdoor Sofa Lounges & Garden Sets Pallet Sofas & Couches

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Tracy Harding

Taryn Pritchard

Laura Sturchio Love

This is so cool

Christine Ritaly

mine ;-)

Christine Hook-Petracca

Cool idea

Karol Ash Williams
Karol Ash Williams

I made this last summer love it x

Danielle Carango

Rayona Hurley Gaines this would be cool on you deck, then you could put the sewing machine to work for pillows :)


I love this idea, but I haven’t found instructions. I have never attempted a project like this; can anyone recommend a site with instructions for a project like this?

Fran Rajewski
Fran Rajewski

Which size is your sofa and which size are the pallets/railway blocks? I love the red colour, is it paint or varnish! Excellent project

Alejandro Ahumada via Facebook

Gastón Cartier

Paula Varela Garcia-lluis via Facebook

Zarla Harriman You’ve many ideas in 1001 Pallets.Take a walk and you’ll find the way to make your bed ;) !!

Beverly Wittmer
Beverly Wittmer

Love your ideas. Put cushions on this, gorgeous!. I have to get my truck fixed so I can get some pallets

Zarla Harriman via Facebook

I need to make a bed, single that pulls out to a double size. Any ideas?

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