Pallet FurniturePallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & StoolsA Pallet Shoe Changing Storage Bench


by Mitcheal Vanhoose

A Pallet Shoe Changing Storage Bench

  • 2 pallets

  • medium

  • 7h

  • $10

This is an all wood pallet bench. A friend saw the pallet furniture I made for my wife as a Christmas present this year and asked me to build her a shoe-changing bench. To get an approximate length from the top of her knee to the ground. Which was 20″ she is a short woman. I wanted to be sure her feet would be flat on the ground and being able to give a seat height that does not pinch the knee or cause the back to ache.
This bench was made out of two pallets. By starting with the base of the bench and working up I added a shelf to store shoes the is a row in the back and a wide slanted front row. By far the most time consuming is the sanding. Now as I added the pecan stain the long sanding paid of by bringing out the wood grain and color.

A Pallet Shoe Changing Storage Bench Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools

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