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by Karl Crosby

Pallet Seating Area

  • 10 pallets

  • medium

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I was asked to make a Pallet Seating Area for a customer, but I didn’t want to produce the usual pallet-on-pallet simple design. So I did a variation by cladding the seats in. I also made headrests from scaffold planks.

You could make a simple and inviting Pallet Seating Area like this one:

I made this project from 10 pallets. I made the dimensions for my customer, but you should adapt them to your living space. Next, I simply stacked pallets on top of one another to obtain a comfortable seating height. I wrapped the upper set of pallets with deck boards and filled in any gaps in the seating area with them as well. Next, I used scaffolding planks (1×6) to create the seat backs. I kept the table simple and just ensured that the spaces between the deck boards were consistent with the seating, but didn’t clad it. Finally, I painted everything with a good quality exterior white paint to complete this Pallet Seating Area.

Pallet Seating Area Lounges & Garden Sets

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pallet seating area wasn’t created with deck boards, everything apart from the scaffold was completely pallet wood

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