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by Steve

Garden Seating From Upcycled Pine Bed Frame

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Although not from pallets, I still used the recycle/upcycle concept. I turned my 20-year-old pine bed frame into a fun Garden Seating unit. I built this project in about three hours.

Here’s how I built my Garden Seating from my old bed frame:

The bed had all the components I needed. I used the headboard as the seat’s backrest. I cut the footboard into two pieces and used them for the armrests. Then I used the rest of the leftover bed slats for the seat and the guide rails. To finish, I painted it a slate gray color, which I think will be a nice contrast to plants, flowers, and grass.
Now that I’m finished, I think this project came out very well. It was a fun and surprisingly simple way to make a Garden Seating unit. You don’t have to always use pallets to create fun, upcycled ideas; just apply the concept and let those creative juices flow!

Garden Seating From Upcycled Pine Bed Frame Lounges & Garden Sets Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools

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