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by Heatherstiletto

Self-watering Pallet Planter

I needed a planter for a blackberry bush and didn’t want just to buy one. I found several ideas and one, in particular, caught my attention – a way to make it have a reservoir system, so it’s self-watering for a couple of weeks! I also am hoping for fruit at some point, so I made it have a seating ledge. It’s heavily sealed, but I wanted the rustic, industrial feel of the pallets. It has a homemade trellis mounted to it, which is nothing more than an upcycled scrap from a local cabinet maker’s computer-aided cuts. I stained/sealed it and mounted it to sturdier pallet boards and then secured it. The planter has a sealed heavy liner with about 6″ of gravel, covered with a water-permeable barrier (I used weed block), and then the potting soil mix is put on top. It has a piece of PVC pipe that is drilled throughout and an overflow tube that exits the back and when the reservoir is filled, it never drowns the plants and overflows onto a nearby rosemary bush. This will keep it safe if we ever get rain, haha! It has a hidden filler tube that hides beneath one of the bench slats, and I just use a regular hose to fill it until it overflows. I saw a video from a .org site, but I CANNOT find the video anymore to give them a proper nod.

Self-watering Pallet Planter Pallet Planters & Compost Bins

Self-watering Pallet Planter Pallet Planters & Compost Bins

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how do you make this? Thank you!

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