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Pallet Laundry Sorting Station

  • 1.5 pallets

  • easy

  • 3h

  • $30

I saw several laundry basket stands and sorting stations on the ‘net. I made my own Pallet Laundry Sorting Station to fit the laundry baskets I purchased recently.

My Pallet Laundry Sorting Station project:

I built a simple box frame and reinforced where the top would be attached. I reinforced the bottom for stability as well. I created a drawer slide system by attaching strips of wood for the handles of the baskets to slide on. I made the dimensions based on the three baskets plus a little space between each to allow for easy sliding. I reinforced as necessary, but so far it’s working well! Everyone that has seen my build wants one! You could customize this, such as having more basket slots if you needed one for delicates or just for towels. You could make a basket or drawer on top to better secure the cleaning supplies (particularly if you have pets or children). You could stain it, paint it, seal it, etc. I hope my project inspires you to build your own! :D

Pallet Laundry Sorting Station Pallet Home Accessories

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Emma Lee

Karla Carl Nick love this!!!!

Marie-Claude Debouvries

Bénédicte, merci Michel :-D

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