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Decorative Arrow Made from Three Pallet Boards

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I wanted to make something simple but familiar; that could be used for displaying objects, as a sign or just as a quirky item. I drew out a shape from an old box to get the proportions looking right, then cut the basic arrow shape with a handsaw from pallet wood.

Two smaller offcuts are used on the back to hold things together using PVA wood glue and my cheap nail gun. 25mm nails are just the right length with room to spare on the board thickness allowing the heads to be punched below the surface.

I lightly sanded (tips on sanding pallets) the arrow before adding the surround; I could have stained, waxed or painted it at this stage too. The surround was cut from pallet boards on a piece at a time, sanding trimming and fitting as I worked on the shape. Glue and nail gun used again. Some of the corners were a bit awkward to cut and get the nail gun in but if I had planned ahead it may have flowed better.

The mitered joints were cut freehand with the saw and any wobbles, and final trimming was done with a flap disc in my trusty angle grinder. I have repaired my belt sander since this project, and it makes life much easier. I showed it to my friend, in the unfinished just sanded state pictured, he took it off me and put it up for sale in his furniture shop. I only wanted his opinion on paint or wax.

Decorative Arrow Made from Three Pallet Boards Pallet Home Accessories

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Mick Xavier

j’y verrais bien quelques leds…

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