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Pallet Kitchen Table with Drawers and Shelf

  • 4 pallets

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  • 16h

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Sure, you could get an ordinary table. But wouldn’t it be cool to make something like this Pallet Kitchen Table with Drawers and Shelf and have built-in storage, along with a pocket full of money you DIDN’T have to spend? We think so, too!

Assembling the table:

First, I found four Euro Pallets, which are safer for indoors and around food. I cut down two more pallets, approximately one thickness length past the center block supports so that the leg boards would match the complete pallet that formed the table-top. You can cut the pallets to whatever height you want. I mounted the “legs” to the table with screws, pre-drilling to prevent the wood from splitting.

The drawers:

The most challenging part of this project was the set of drawers. It took a while to get them to fit just right. They’re simple boxes, butt-joined out of deck boards, and the drawer faces were cut so that they sit flush within the pallet. I added small stops underneath to keep the drawers from sliding in too far.  After we sanded them. I gently sanded, removing any roughness and splinters, and set it aside.

Wall shelf:

Next, I separated the top and bottom decks from the final pallet. The top deck formed the wall shelf after we modified it. I ripped down a deck board into narrow pieces to create the front of two shelves and mounted them to the deck boards. I used more deck boards to form the bottom of the shelves. We cut two blocks down to angles and mounted them to the blocks at the top of the shelf. Finally, I used a hole saw and cut two holes for the recessed lighting, dry-fit the lights, and planned for the cord routing. However, you could use a jigsaw to make the holes, too. I used screws to mount the board with the lights to the angled blocks and then sanded the piece. I cut a stringer board and used it to space the shelf up off the table, and secured it to the wall.

Finishing Touches:

We stained the entire piece a rich brown color with a stain and sealer, sanding between coats per the manufacturer’s directions. The lights were installed, and the cord routed to hide it well. Finally, I installed Oil-rubbed bronze colored handles on the drawer faces.

Editor’s Note: See our article to know how to tell if pallets are treated for more help with indoor and outdoor pallet use.

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I loved all these ideas. Iam going to build all that I can


Looks great, nice job incorporating the drawers

Brooke Kendall

Shaun Patrick

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