Pallets in the GardenPallet FencesPallet Fence


by Chris Welch

Pallet Fence

  • 60 pallets

  • medium

  • 8h

  • $40

This pallet fence took about eight hours to finish using around 55-60 pallets. Thanks to Tractor Supply for the free pallets. This fencing project only cost around 40 dollars, too!

Pallet Fence Pallet Fences
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Maisie Green

Harry Watene we could do this as a fence its easy and cheap its eco free too

Cameron LeWren
Cameron LeWren

Have considered doing something similar to this, only difference would be.. convert each pallet into one of the “pallet planters” making a wall of flowers or herbs! Would just require the occasional 4×4 post to anchor he works!

Reply to  Cameron LeWren

Fun idea! If you have already built one, please do a submission on it! If it’s just an awesome idea you WANT to build, then when you do make it, we’ll post it! :-D Happy Palleting! -HS.

Chris Welch

Installed in KY, permits not needed. Took 50 total regular pallets and 1-6′ pallet for the gate. Thanks to Nicholasville #TractorSupply for the pallets.

Dave Fabian

nice .

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